Handyman Services vs. The Big Boys

Handyman Myrtle BeachIt seems there are a million things to take care of and maintain in a home, and we tend to compartmentalize those things to different professionals. Need a ceiling fan? Call an electrician. Need a water heater replaced or a leaky sink fixed? Call the plumber. Got a big ugly hole in your wall? Many of us wouldn’t have a clue who to call! Well, here’s the thing—some jobs and repairs do require the services of a master in their field, but many of these things can be accomplished with a great handyman! A handyman is someone you should always have access to if you’re a homeowner. They are worth their weight in gold!

Why You Need A Handyman

It is usually at least $70 for a professional electrician, plumber or carpenter to even show up. And that doesn’t include the work they will do, which will incur hourly labor charges, etc. By the time you get charged for materials, which is often a hidden way to charge you more than they should, you could easily be paying $200 for a simple repair. This is hardly acceptable for most of us! So, ready for the good news? Read on…

The first bit of good news is that many of the general repairs around the house do not require hiring professionals in that industry. If you have a relationship with a good handyman, you will be amazed at how much he can actually accomplish around your home. Whether it’s a paint job that needs sprucing up, minor repairs on windows, doors, roof or gutters, or perhaps fixing those leaky faucets, a handyman offers a wide range of skills that will save you money in the long run. There’s hardly anyone who hasn’t been affected by the recession in this country in some way or other. Older Americans often have fixed incomes, younger Americans have families they’re trying to raise, and the need to save money is greater than ever. The fact is, that a good handyman will get the job done just as well as the big guys, for WAY less.

Granted, there are times when the job will require more than a handyman can do, but you should expect free estimates. If the structural integrity of the house is ever in question, a handyman won’t usually go near the job. Liability is a big issue if electrical or structural work is involved. Their safety should always be top priority.

Whether you need help hanging Christmas lights, or need some general repairs around the house, find a handyman and stick with him. He will serve you well over the years as he gets to know your house and your needs. You’ll be glad you did! Ask your friends if you need recommendations and follow up on referrals. A handyman service is one professional service you should not be without.

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