Handyman Tips: Instant Money Saver With Air Filter Whistle

Handyman Conway SCAn improperly functioning heating and air conditioning (HVAC) system could cost you hundreds of dollars on repair. These can also form a big part of your monthly cost, adding approximately 43% of the overall expense. But improving the performance of your heating & cooling systems will certainly help decrease your expenses.

According to a handyman, one thing you can do is by changing your HVAC filters routinely. Then you can also acquire an air filter whistle which will certainly be of great help. An air filter whistle informs you when your heating system or air conditioning unit’s filter needs to be changed. An air filter whistle consists of two items that are put into the air filter during setup. A clean filter permits air to travel through while an unclean filter will certainly frequently have dust as well as dirt stuck within. This will certainly create the air filter to not function appropriately. The air in an unclean filter will pass through someplace so it will trigger the whistle to go off. This is your signal to change or clean the filters.

How To Install Air Filter Whistle

When you obtain a brand-new air filter, you could put the air filter whistle at the same time into the brand-new air filter. You should also remember that air filter whistles can be used multiple times. Mounting the whistle into your brand-new air filter isn’t really difficult just follow these simple steps

  1. You need to find where your HVAC systems filter is located. Air filters can be found in various areas of your HVAC system, most of than not, it could be found behind a grate in your wall surface or in the ceiling. If you still are not sure where it lies, ensure you read the owner’s manual.
  2. When you have actually located it, remove the air filter.You can do this by simply sliding it off its place. When you have actually taken it out, check out if the air filter has to be changed. If it does, make sure you do change it.
  3. Mount the air filter whistle. You will observe that the air filter whistle has two parts. To mount, simply position both items on either side and firmly press them with the filter. It should work like this, the first part of the whistle should be facing incoming air while the other is facing the opposite direction where air exits.
  4. Gently put the air filter back into the HVAC system. Since the air filter whistle has actually been mounted, all you need to do is glide the filter back right into the location. Make certain that when you place it back, the filter remains in there correctly. Otherwise, the whistle will not function the method it’s intended to.

Without the whistle, your HVAC system will not function properly and will certainly shorten the life span of your system. So make sure that you regularly inspect as well as change your air filters. Make sure that you also install your air filter whistle properly. If you are not sure, you can ask a handyman to teach you how. With an air filter whistle, you do not simply save up on your electric bill expenses, you also don’t have to change your HVAC system for a long time.

A properly installed and functioning HVAC systems can save you a lot of money, but you’ll be surprised to also save up on time when you call Handyman Conway to do it for you.

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