Create A Recycling Station For Your Next Home Improvement

home improvementLive a greener lifestyle by creating a recycling station in your next home improvement project. Although recycling is the proper thing to do, not all homeowners are eager to participate, due to the unattractive receptacles and bins taking up valuable space in your kitchen, yard, or garage.

Here are some attractive and easy home improvement projects that you can easily do to add a recycling station in your home:

1. Create a child-friendly sorting station
A child-friendly sorting station not just serves as a stockpiling spot for recyclables. It can also motivate the kids to utilize scrap materials in future artworks. You can opt to add a pegboard and basic art tools and supplies along with your recyclables and other things that are generally bound for the landfill.

2. Add labels and printables
For a more creative recycling station, you can decorate any of your spare containers with printable ad labels. There are lots of various designs available online. This completely changes the way the bins and containers look and will not look out of place in your kitchen or wherever you place them in your house. The best part is that placing your recyclables in these spruced up bins and containers don’t make them seem like more clutter. Even if you use different colored bins and containers, adding the same printable labels to them will help create a uniformed look.

3. Use a file cabinet for a neater look
If you don’t have the time to organize your recyclables and arrange them by color and size, you can opt to create a drop zone that would conceal them instead of an open sorting station. Using an old file cabinet can provide just that. File each type of recyclable in each drawer. Arrange them in any way that you want as long as they are neatly stacked to maximize the use of available space in each drawer. You can put labels outside each drawer to inform every member of the household where to put their recyclables.

4. Take advantage of your unused cabinets
You don’t have to undergo a kitchen renovation in your next home improvement to create space for your recycling station. If you have restricted floor space in your kitchen, you can consider lodging your DIY reusing containers on top of, or even inside, those unused cabinets. Depending on the available space in your cabinets, you can place and arrange plastic containers into the cabinets. Label them to help you identify where to put your recyclables.

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