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Galivants Ferry handymanThe site of an eighteenth and nineteenth century ferry, Galivants Ferry typifies the type of community that arose from the naval stores and agricultural industries that once dominated this region of the state. The agricultural architecture that remains – tenant farmer houses, storage barns, tobacco packhouses, curing barns, and sheds – reveal the agricultural heritage of Galivants Ferry and of the larger Pee Dee region.

There are twenty-eight contributing historic buildings in the district. Thirteen buildings are directly related to agricultural uses. Eight structures are concentrated immediately next to the US Hwy 501 bridge. The others are scattered in the surrounding fields. Eleven to twelve buildings were houses for tenant families and farm supervisors; one house is the home of the Holliday family. A church sits at the edge of a long stretch of tobacco fields on Pee Dee Road. There are eight noncontributing buildings in the district. Listed in the National Register March 29, 2001.

Galivants Ferry Handyman

While many take pride in being DIY enthusiasts, sometimes spending quality moments with loved ones or simply indulging in life’s pleasures takes precedence. In such instances, having a reliable handyman to call upon for home maintenance becomes invaluable.

Before reaching out, jot down the tasks you wish to delegate. Clearly communicate your needs to , ensuring both parties are aligned in terms of expectations. This not only helps in gauging whether the tasks fall within their skill set, but also helps in assessing satisfaction levels post-completion. Always prioritize checking references. With over 15 years of expertise, our team boasts numerous satisfied clients in Galivant’s Ferry. We’re eager to share testimonials from our previous clientele.

Prioritize the safety and legitimacy of any professional you welcome into your home. Ensure they possess the necessary insurance and licensure. This shields you from potential liabilities resulting from unforeseen damages or injuries. Once you’ve relayed your needs, ask for a clear breakdown of the projected time and costs, ensuring material costs are included.

In addition to cost projections, a timeline is crucial. Set clear expectations regarding deadlines and communicate any flexibility or lack thereof. Whether it’s due to an impending house listing, upcoming guests, or other commitments, ensure they’re informed of any crucial timelines. Determine a preferred mode of communication should there be delays or schedule changes.

Enhancements or additions to your Galivant’s Ferry home not only elevate its aesthetic but also its market value. Whether you choose the DIY route or enlist expert assistance hinges on your expertise and the project’s complexity.

Conway Handyman is proud to serve the residents of Galivants Ferry with home repairs and improvements. Give us a call today at 843-353-6154 to schedule a service.

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