Conway Handyman Secrets You Need To Know

Handyman ConwayIf you live in your own house, then you already understand that there are many times when a handyman ends up being a necessity. It is an excellent idea to develop a relationship with a handyman you can rely on and who has a variety of skills. But, there are some things that you may be shocked you can do yourself without hiring a handyman. With some common home products, you can conquer numerous everyday concerns. Here are just a few.

Some Great Handyman Tricks:

  1. Utilizing ice to eliminate indention marks on the carpet. We have all seen it– those terrible indentions in the carpet left by heavy furniture. But did you know that you can quickly get rid of them by utilizing ice cubes? No, you don’t have to purchase a new carpet or try to conceal the marks with rugs or other items. Just put a few ice on the dents and leave them there overnight. Come back the next morning and fluff the stack of the carpet back up and vacuum when dry. That’s it! If it persists, repeat the process.
  2. Using a tennis ball to remove scuff marks. Scuff marks can make vinyl floors look dirty and old not to mention they are an eyesore. No need to replace those scuffed up flooring! All you need to have is a new tennis ball. Rub the scuff mark with the ball and just rub until it vanishes. An added reward is that you can even utilize this handyman technique to eliminate marks off of painted walls too, plus numerous floor types. Try it!
  3. Using toothpaste to cover nail holes. This is one of the most typical kinds of small repair work to any home. What you may not know is that you do not have to run to the hardware store and purchase products to get the job done. All that is required is a little white toothpaste. Be sure it is not a gel kind of toothpaste and just cover the hole with a little of the toothpaste and clean off the excess. After the paste has entirely dried, lightly sand and repaint. That’s all there is to it!

With these handyman secrets, you can conquer lots of little repair work around your house. Not only does it save you cash, but it will also conserve you time.

When you do need a skilled and expert handyman, and for more handyman ideas, call Conway Handyman at 843-353-6154.

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