Does Your Handyman Service Sticky Doors?

by | Jul 2, 2021 | handyman

handyman servicesYou might have already experienced issues with some of your doors at home especially if you live in an older home. Issues range from knob problems, lock issues, or one common and ever-annoying problem where the door gets stuck. It’s a pain to have to pry the door just to get it open. Not only is it a tough task to handle, but you might also end up damaging the door due to the exerted force. However, a stuck door isn’t something that your local handyman can’t fix. Of course, you will first need to find reliable handyman services in your area. Once you’ve got that part cleared out, you can then proceed to fix that door issue.

How a handyman addressed door problems:

Tightening the screws on the strike plate

Your door won’t expand on its own. It will remain the same shape for the rest of its usable life unless you expose it to water or other substances. When your door gets stuck, it could be due to a number of reasons. Among the reasons are loose screws. The screws on the strike plate could become loose over time. The repeated closing and opening of the door will dislodge the strike plate in some instances. However, this problem is relatively easy to fix. All that you need to do is tighten the screws that hold the strike plate in place. If the screw holes have been damaged, a handyman services Conway, SC can use a wooden plug to seal the holes and screw over them.

Tighten the screws on the hinges

The same thing could happen to the screws on the hinges of the door. The screws could loosen, causing the door to sag or misalign. This then causes the door to get stuck against the door jamb. To resolve this problem, the screws should be tightened. The screw holes must also be checked to ensure that the hinges stay firmly in place.

Repair stripped screw holes

Doors can be heavy. Once the screws become loose, the screw holes get stripped making it impossible for the door to stay in place. You will then need an expert like Handyman Conway to step in. Although it might seem simple, taking apart a door is no easy feat if you don’t have the tools and knowledge on how to do so.

Planning the edge of the door

If for some reason fixing the hinges and screws won’t fix the issue, the handyman can then proceed to plane the edge of the door that faces the strike plate. Door repair can be completed in less than an hour or more depending on the situation. However, it is important to note that this task should only be done by someone who knows to get the job done like a handyman. If you mess up the door repair, you are not only left with a busted door but also compromised security.

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