How to Heat or Cool Your Home With a Ceiling Fan

by | Apr 7, 2022 | handyman

handymanCeiling fans can be a great way for you to keep cool in summer and warm during winter, if you are familiar with how to use them. Although there is a lot of confusion about the topic, it is easy to remember two simple rules, especially when considering ceiling fan installation.

Handyman Tips For Ceiling Fan Installation

Rule #1: Summer

Ceiling fans should be run counterclockwise during hot weather at medium to high speeds.

Ceiling fans can make you feel cool in summer because they create an artificial breeze that evaporates water from your skin. This allows you set your thermostat higher and saves money on your air conditioner bills.

Ceiling fans rotate counterclockwise while looking up at them. The slant of their blades pushes air down and creates a breeze. Cooler air will feel cooler the faster it spins.

The cooling effect does not change the temperature of air. It only makes you feel cool. Professional handyman says that this is why it is important to turn off the fan when there is no one in the room. The heat from the motor can actually raise the temperature of the room.

Rule 2: Winter

In cold weather, run ceiling fans in a clockwise fashion.

In winter, ceiling fans can create the opposite effect by gently moving hot air near the ceiling. Because heat rises, temperatures near the ceiling are higher than those at the floor. This is especially true for houses with high ceilings and heating systems that don’t circulate the air.

To avoid creating strong drafts, the fan rotates clockwise on low. This would cool you down as it does in summer. Instead, the air is pushed upwards and outward, allowing it to circulate around the room’s perimeter. You should call a handyman in Conway SC if you need help with your ceiling fans.

The temperature at floor level can be adjusted lower to save money and help the environment. The fan’s motor generates heat in winter which is an added benefit. You can leave it running regardless of whether you are there.

These two simple rules will make your home more comfortable and lower energy costs.

Summer is just around the corner and it promises to be a hot one. Ceiling fans are a great way to stay cool and save on air conditioning bills. However, proper installation can be difficult.

Call Handyman Conway to help install fans throughout your home for summer comfort. This includes fans on your covered deck or patio. We serve Carolina Forest, Conway and surrounding areas.

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