Handyman Solutions for Common Flooring Problems

by | Dec 18, 2023 | handyman

handyman Over time, the flooring in your home experiences its fair share of wear and tear. It endures daily foot traffic and occasional impacts from heavy objects. Those dining chairs scraping across the floor and the constant movement can take a toll on your once-pristine floors. To ensure your floors stay in good shape and maintain their visual appeal, it’s a wise decision to enlist the help of a handyman for regular maintenance.

Handyman tips for flooring repairs

Revive Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors can lose their luster over time due to daily wear and tear. However, you can easily bring back their shine by using a hardwood cleaner. These cleaners are readily available at your local Home Depot and offer an affordable way to rejuvenate your hardwood flooring.

Addressing Scratches

Hardwood floors are prone to scratches, but you don’t need to fret. For minor surface scratches, crayons in walnut or pecan colors can come to the rescue. Simply fill in the scratches with the crayon, and for deeper ones, use a permanent marker in a matching shade. To complete the process, buff the area with crayons to achieve a natural shine.

Caring for Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tile flooring is sturdy, but chipped tiles can be a common issue. Keep spare tiles on hand for replacements. If you encounter chipped tiles, you can reattach the broken piece using Crazy Glue. In cases where the missing piece is unavailable, a clever trick is to fill the gap with nail polish that closely matches the tile’s color.

handyman Repair Burn Marks on Vinyl

Accidental burns on vinyl flooring can be distressing, but they can be remedied without breaking the bank. Create a vinyl powder by sanding a spare piece of vinyl that matches your flooring. Combine the vinyl powder with clear nail polish and use this mixture to cover the burnt area effectively.

Fixing Peeling Vinyl Flooring

Peeling vinyl flooring can be unsightly and hazardous. To address this issue, follow these steps: cover the peeled section with aluminum foil and place an old towel on top. Use an iron to apply heat over the towel, which will safely melt the vinyl’s adhesive. Finally, secure the area by placing heavy books on top, ensuring that the vinyl adheres firmly.

Removing Marks on Laminate Floors

Laminate floors can suffer from marks left behind by heavy furniture. For an effective solution, use a rag soaked in nail polish remover to wipe away these marks. For more stubborn stains, a pencil eraser can be quite handy. If these methods prove ineffective, it may be time to consider professional services.

Nicks and Gauges on Laminate

Nicks and gauges in laminate floors can be an eyesore. To effectively remove these imperfections, use a putty stick in a matching color. Apply the putty to the damaged areas to seamlessly blend them in with the rest of the flooring.

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