Handyman Tips To Safeguard Aging Parents

by | Apr 18, 2023 | handyman

handymanIt’s the time of the year when we celebrate a special day for mothers and fathers.  This is the season to commemorate our parents and all they have actually provided for us over the years. Now it’s time to give back. Sure, greeting cards and beautiful flowers seem thoughtful, but as their generation begins to age, possibly the most welcome present of all will certainly be aiding senior moms and dads to preserve their independence. That includes hiring a handyman to make some home adjustments to suit their needs.

Here are seven helpful handyman tips to make sure your parents or grandparents will become safer and more comfortable in their own homes.

Work from the outdoors.  If you’ll supervise the improvement of your Mom and Dad’s front stairways this springtime, make sure there is an excellent and sturdy handrail in position. This will definitely minimize instances of slips and falls by adding tidy sand to the paint which will certainly be used on the staircase. It could even be the best time to hire a local handyman to change the stairway with a universal access ramp if you’re up for it.

Create a Smart home. Grandparents don’t need to become as tech-savvy as their millennial grand- or great-grandchildren. However, just a few Smart home functionality around the house can go a long way.  Some of these special smart home features can include personal emergency situation response systems, Smart buzzers that screen prospective visitors, and even a robot vacuum.

Get down to the basics. Be sure to take note or make a list of all the easy-to-fix security dangers in your parents’ home. This time, you can put your handyman abilities to work, or you can even hire a local professional Conway handyman to do it for you. For instance, you need to secure rugs and carpets (scatter) in place with non-slip tape or rubber shelf liners. You can also work on replacing non-functional locks on doors and windows. Next, aim at replacing worn-out electrical wiring.

handymanImproving Room Lighting. Powerful lighting and task lights carefully situated near the work surface (like kitchen counters) can greatly benefit aging eyes. See to it that the ambient illumination is glare-free and also at a constant degree from one room to the following, to prevent eyestrain because of macular degeneration. Do so by hiring handyman services for the job.

Give attention to the bathroom. The location of the toilet and bathroom can be particularly hazardous for seniors. Mount grab bars in the shower stall and also beside the toilet. You can even purchase an elevated toilet seat with its own cushioned arms attached. A bathroom bench will make it easier, more comfortable, and safer for aging parents to get right into the bathtub and wash.

Keep in touch regularly. I have a mother and I am a mom myself. These 2 attributes make me especially certified to offer this item of recommendation: provide Mommy (and also Daddy) a telephone call regularly. Staying connected by means of Skype or FaceTime is not just friendly, it will likewise allow you to see exactly how well (or the contrary!) your mom and dad look.

Think about installing a home security system. If your folks are sickly or absent-minded, you will certainly be able to check their well-being with your smart device, even if you live hundreds of miles away. Make sure that they typically aren’t overlooking important elements of health maintenance such as taking essential medication and regular healthy meals, in addition to being educated as how to handle an emergency circumstance. Of course, you will have to talk about this choice with your parent beforehand to make certain that they are comfortable with it. Look for a reliable handyman in Conway SC who can help you out.

It’s never too late to make your parents safer and more secure with the help of Handyman Conway.

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