Low-Cost Handyman Home Repairs for Common Types of Worn Out Flooring

by | Oct 19, 2020 | handyman

handymanA home’s flooring has its own share of home repairs. It can be considered as the most battered part of the house because, in addition to being walked on, flooring is also at the receiving end of falling heavy objects, such as mugs or pots.  Additionally, flooring suffers through frequent dragging of furniture, especially chairs in the dining room. That’s why it’s best to hire a handyman to maintain your floors on a regular basis.

Handyman Tips For Easy Flooring Repair

If your flooring is showing signs of wear and tear, here are some Conway handyman tips for easy home repairs.

  1. To add sparkle to your hardwood floors, simply apply hardwood cleaner. You can get these affordable cleaners in any local home depots.
  1. To repair scratches on the hardwood floor, you can use crayons or a permanent marker and it’s best to choose walnut or pecan colors. Use the crayons to color in minor scratches. If the scratch is deeper, use a permanent marker. Buff the area using the crayons to shine the floor. You can rub walnut or pecan on the scratches to give it a natural shine.
  1. Handyman repair tips for ceramic tile flooring mainly requires having spare tiles on hand to replace those that are badly damaged. Otherwise, you can reattach the chipped tile using Crazy Glue. If you do not have the chipped off piece, you can use nail polish to fill the area. Make sure you choose a nail polish shade that is closest to the color of your tiles. Check out other home repairs that your local handyman can do.
  1. If you have accidentally burned your vinyl flooring, you can repair this by making vinyl powder. This is achieved by sanding an extra piece of the vinyl that is the same as the one you burned. Be sure to use a dust mask when sanding the vinyl as a precaution. Mix the vinyl powder with clear nail polish. Use the mixture to cover the burnt area.
  1. For peeling vinyl flooring, simply cover the peeled area with aluminum foil and then an old towel. Press an iron over the towel to safely melt the vinyl’s adhesive. Hold down the area with heavy books to ensure the vinyl will stick firmly.
  1. You can remove scratches and marks from dragging furniture on your laminate floors by wiping the area using a rag with nail polish remover. You can also use a pencil eraser to remove more stubborn marks. If all else fails, hire Handyman Conway to help you out.
  1. To remove nicks and gauges on laminate floors, simply rub a putty stick with the same color as your laminate floors.

Get more ideas for low-cost home repairs by contacting Handyman Conway. You may reach us at (843) 353-6154.

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