Handyman Tips: How To Get Rid Of Mold

by | Oct 18, 2022 | handyman

handymanAre you afraid of mold? Do you have any mold cleaning tips? Here are a few things you need to know from your expert local handyman pros.

These are good places to check for mold in your house. Mold can often cause a strong, musty smell so make sure you use your nose. You can usually handle moldy areas smaller than 10 square feet (roughly 3 x 3 ft), or call a local handyman for assistance.

The EPA recommends that you use an N-95 respirator and non-porous, plastic gloves and goggles to limit your contact with mold spores. Use water, detergent, and a 10% chlorine bleach solution.

Mold in carpeting, insulation and inside wallboard should not be treated. Instead, remove the mold completely from your home.


Because of the moisture in the shower, this room can become a breeding ground. Bathrooms aren’t always well-ventilated so water can stick around and encourage mold growth. Pay attention to the tub and surrounding areas that may get wet frequently. When repairing drywall in bathrooms, especially around pipes, be aware of signs of mold.

The basement

Check the basement where water has been leaking in the past. This includes around pipes and under bathrooms. You should also inspect the walls’ bottoms. For mold-related problems, hire handyman services.

The attic

Mold can be caused by moisture in your attic. This is a very common problem that goes unnoticed for long periods. Mold can easily spread to valuable items if it makes its home in your attic.


Mold can return even after being cleaned. It is important to improve ventilation in mold-prone rooms, fix any water leaks and maintain a minimum of 50% humidity in your basement and home. You can do this by using dehumidifiers and air conditioning.


A local handyman in Conway SC will clean small areas of mold, install dehumidifiers, and replace drywall damaged during larger remediation efforts.

Call Conway Handyman now if you need professional help with minor home repairs.

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