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by | Sep 8, 2022 | handyman

HandymanIf you have carpentry and handyman skills, you can repair hardwood floor damage on your own. Damage to hardwood floors is not only an eyesore but is also dangerous as it can cause falls and other similar accidents. This is why it is important that they are fixed and repaired immediately. Otherwise, you will have to inform the entire household to keep away from the damaged floor and avoid walking in that area.

According to a professional handyman in Conway, repairing hardwood floors is a two-step process: removing the damaged floorboard and installing a new floorboard.

Removing the damaged floorboard

To remove the damaged floorboard, the first step is to determine the size of the damaged floorboard. This is critically important, especially in placing the new butt joint. Experts recommend placing the new board at least 10 inches from the butt joint of the adjacent floorboard. Use a sharp chisel to create the new joint. You need to create a crisp edge that is at least 1/8 inch deep.

You can remove the damaged floorboard by creating relief holes using a circular saw. Once there are holes, you can use the chisel and pry bar to strip the floorboard between the relief holes. Clean the opened section of the flooring once the damaged floorboard has been removed.

Installing new floorboard

professional handyman recommends preparing the new plank before installing your flooring. To do this, you need to remove the bottom groove of the new plank by sawing it off. You can use a table saw or a circular saw to do this. You can also opt to use a sharp chisel and utility knife if you don’t have a saw. Be sure to implement safety precautions when using sharp objects.

After removing the bottom groove, measure the exact length you need for your flooring. Use a pencil to mark where you place the joints. You can now place the new floorboard in the opened section of your flooring. Insert the tongue of the new floorboard into the adjacent plank’s groove. You may need to use a rubber mallet to tap it into position. Nail the new floorboard to fasten it into position.

Repairing hardwood floor damage is not an easy task. Aside from the right tools, you also have to have sufficient knowledge and skills for the job. Insisting on doing it on your own might only result in creating more damage to your flooring and you might end up spending more on repairs.

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