Small Kitchen Remodeling: Storage Solutions

handymanFor small kitchens, clever storage solutions are the best way to make use of the lack of extra space. The smaller your kitchen is, the more valuable any bit of open real estate is. You can make the most of small spaces with simple and clever storage solutions. Of course, hiring a handyman is one other way of making these implementations done faster. These storage tips and techniques can help turn your small kitchen remodel project into a storage success.

Storage Tips From Conway Handyman

Tuck It Away

Cabinet doors and drawers become ultra-useful in small kitchen settings. Every vanity drawer or sliver of unused cabinet space is another opportunity for storage space.

Instead of useless vanity drawers, have them custom built by a Myrtle Beach handyman so that they pull out to reveal extra storage for sponges, utensils, and other small objects.

Check out custom cabinetry that allows for a vertical pull out cabinet for spices or cans. These nifty cabinets make use of the smallest sliver of unused cabinet space and having somewhere specific to put all those spices or cans really frees up a lot of space.

Drawers can be lowered or modified for a huge variety of uses. Clear up counter space by installing a pull-out cutting board, or use divided drawers instead of a knife block for knife storage.

Hang It Up

Wall space in a small kitchen can also be utilized to make the most of the space. Hooks, shelving, and hanging bars all free up much-needed counter and cabinet space.

Hang potholders on a hook near the stove instead of filling up a drawer that could be otherwise used for other storage. Use sturdy hooks to hang pots, pans, and even utensils from a suspended bar off either the wall or ceiling.

Floating shelves are a great way to achieve more cabinet space while still allowing the small space to have an open feel. You can stack plates, display glasses or pitchers, or even display decorative items.

Think Outside The Box

By box, think cabinets. Adding cabinets is a nice home improvement project that will have lasting use. All areas in, on, under, and around the cabinets have the potential to be useful. Under the cabinets is a great place to install a rack for wine glasses, or hooks to hang coffee cups. Getting these items out of your cabinets will free up a lot of extra space, and they look great.

The sides of cabinets are a good place to install small floating shelves or racks for small items, spices, or cups.

If your cabinets are very tall, make use of the extra space with dividers so you can store more items inside. Or, think about storing items and appliances that you don’t use every day on the tops of cabinets to free up space.

Look Up

When you are remodeling your small kitchen, a good way to achieve more storage space while also creating the illusion of a larger room is to build up. Building taller cabinets that reach the ceiling gives you more space to occupy, while also drawing the eye upwards and making space look larger. It will also be a good way to do those home repairs that are long overdue.

For small kitchen remodel projects, there are a lot of clever storage solutions that can make the most of a small space.

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