Handyman Tips: Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

by | Apr 5, 2023 | handyman

Home maintenanceHomeowners are often inspired to revitalize and revive their living spaces by spring maintenance. This can lead to a rise in home maintenance jobs for handymen. There are many maintenance tasks, from clearing gutters to tuning up air conditioners.

If you are a handyman and own your own business, you might already be aware that customers don’t always know the extent of maintenance they need or the cost of costly repairs. It’s helpful to create a spring home maintenance checklist that you can share with customers in these situations.

We’ve put together a spring home maintenance checklist that you can’t miss. It includes home maintenance tips and a checklist for the roof; and everything in between.

Home Maintenance Tasks For A Handyman

#1: Inspect the roof and make home repairs

Even the strongest roofs can be damaged by snow, ice and strong winds from a winter storm. Even hotter weather can cause roof foundation damage. If the customer doesn’t suffer any severe damage, it is possible for big problems to develop even when there aren’t obvious signs. It is important to check your customers’ roofs, and repair any winter damage. This will save you time and money.

Be sure to inspect the roofs of your customers when you examine them.

Roof damage can also be indicated by missing, curled, cracked or damaged shingles. They can lead to leaks and pooling, which could cause costly water damage.

Plumbing vent pipes – After enduring a long winter, pipes may need some TLC. You should inspect for damage such as bent or missing pipes.

The attic – Although technically it refers to the interior of your house, we are putting it in the roofing category as it is so important. Check your attic for signs of water damage or mildew when spring arrives.

Spring is the best time for major repairs. Spring is the best time for homeowners to review their finances and file their tax returns. This allows them to get their tax refunds which makes it easier to finance home improvements.

#2: Make sure you have clean gutters and downspouts

It’s worth checking out the gutters and downspouts of your customers while you are inspecting their roof. Gutter and downspouts get clogged up in the winter and fall. However, the spring rains will clear them so that water flows freely away from the house and not into it.

Clearing gutters and downspouts: Remove any dead leaves, branches or twigs that could be clogging gutters and drains. You should first take out the most substantial debris using a scoop. To flush your gutters, you can then use a gardenhose.

Repairing and checking for seasonal damage. Gutters and downspouts can take a lot of abuse during winter. Make sure to check for any areas that are sagging or broken. This can cause wood eaves and trims to rot which can lead to infestations and leaks. Also, look out for missing or damaged sections.

#3: Inspect exterior paint and/or siding

A thorough inspection of exterior paint and siding should be part of your spring home maintenance checklist. Exterior paint can wear over time. If you see areas of peeling, cracking or chipping, it may be time to recommend spring painting services.

You might also suggest replacing, cleaning up, or repairing any siding that is cracked, loose, warped or rotted.

#4: Examine the exterior of your windows

Two things are essential when assessing the windows of customers for spring. The first is to make sure that the screens keep bugs out during cool spring evenings, when customers want their windows open. Also, make sure that the windows are energy efficient enough to allow cool air through on hot summer days.

Also, make sure to:

  • Inspect the screens for tears, rips or other damage.
  • Inspect casings, shutters, and jambs for damage or missing components.
  • Make sure to clean the windows

#5: Check outdoor decks

Anyone with wooden patios, decks, pergolas, or balconies should make sure to inspect them as part of their spring home maintenance checklist. Winter can be particularly harsh on wood elements, so make sure you check the following:

  • Wood can be rotted, peeled, or warped.
  • If applicable, peeling or chipping paint

You may be able to power wash the decks of your customers. This will allow you to remove any winter grime and dirt. If a deep clean is not enough, repainting and resealing may be required. Talk to your customer about the best maintenance for long-term results. Customers are often not sure what maintenance options are available. They will seek your advice and offer specific services.

#6: Make sure you check concrete areas

Winter can cause damage to woodwork, but concrete is just as susceptible. It is important for handymen to verify that hardscaping elements such as walkways, driveways, and other paths are strong enough to withstand winter.

Cracking is the most obvious sign of winter abuse to concrete and asphalt. You can usually repair small cracks with some caulking. However, larger cracks or holes might need to be replaced.

Your customer may not think cracks in their driveways or walkways are important, but the truth is that curb appeal can be affected by the condition of the concrete exterior of a home.

#7: Keep your lawns mowed

Your customers’ yards may be in bad shape after the winter storms and snowfall that have occurred. This is the time to get them back in order.

You might offer your customers services such as yard sprucing.

Clearing out debris – Winter storms may cause fallen tree limbs or branches to fall. Also, inspect the trees for any broken or dead branches. This could pose a safety hazard.

Make sure to inspect their irrigation systems and sprinkler heads. Sprinkler heads can get clogged with dirt and twigs, which can prevent them from working properly. Make sure to clean them thoroughly and then test that they are working. Leaks, low water pressure, or any other problem should be addressed as soon as possible.

Basic landscaping – You might start springtime chores such as cutting the grass, planting flowers, or mulching to prepare customers’ lawns for summer. To help with larger projects, you can collaborate with other local landscapers.

#8: Renovate and repair the interior of your home

While the exterior of a home is what bears the brunt winter’s harshness, the interior of the home should be taken care of when you provide spring home maintenance to your customers.

You can assist with a variety of indoor issues, including:

Checking their crawlspace for leaks due to melting snow.

Inspection of the windows & doors – Now that you have checked the outsides of the windows & doors, it is time to inspect the insides. You need to inspect the inside of the windows and doors for damage or malfunction. You should caulk any openings that might have occurred during winter.

Air conditioning units should be checked – It may take a while before your customers use their A/C units. However, you should still offer to inspect them. If repairs or replacements are needed, this will allow you to do so before summer’s peak.

Safety detectors should be inspected – It is recommended that safety detectors in your home are replaced at least once per year. Spring is a great time to do this. This task can be added to your home maintenance list, giving your customers even more peace of mind.

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