Handyman Tips: How To Babyproof Your Home

by | Jan 19, 2022 | handyman

handymanDid you know that every 30 seconds, a child is admitted to the emergency department after being injured by a tipped or fallen TV? Fortunately, a professional handyman can help.

As an expert in installation, handyman Conway takes babyproofing and childproofing seriously. These tips can be used to create a childproofing checklist. We want to raise awareness about these issues and provide tips for parents, caregivers, and homeowners to take the proper precautions to prevent children and babies from falling.

These are the four most common incidents in the home:

Handyman Tips For Family Room

For blinds and curtains, you can use a cord shortener.

Hardware-mounted safety gates should be installed at the top and bottom stairways. The strength of pressure-mounted gates might not be sufficient.

Use furniture straps to attach heavy furniture such as bookcases to the floor.


Upper cabinets are a good place to store cleaning liquids, chemicals and pesticides as well as vitamins, batteries, and medication. All cabinets should be equipped with childproof locks.

For your stove, dishwasher and fridge, use appliance locks

Mount stove shields are used to protect your child from stovetop hazards such as hot pots, boiling waters and open flames.

Slide safety plates can be used to cover accessible outlets.


Lock your pool with fencing. To prevent entrapment, you can also use a safety cover to protect your pool when not in use. After each use, always dump the water from your kidding pool.

To prevent falls, ensure that balconies and deck rails meet the safety standards in your area as part of your child proofing your home.

In case your child accidentally ingests leaves or berries from your garden, it is important to know the names. Consider removing poisonous leaves.


Install a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI), outlet near bathtubs and sinks. They prevent electrical current from flowing when appliances get wet.

Your hot water thermostat should not be below 120 degrees F. Bath water for babies should be 100 degrees F.

You can use a lock or latch to secure your toilet seat.

If you need help with any of these tasks or if you need help with home repair, you should hire a handyman right away.

Call Handyman Conway if you need help in childproofing your house.

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