Handyman Tips on Installing A Ceiling Fan

by | May 25, 2020 | handyman

handymanThere are two primary aspects of installing a ceiling fan: electric and mechanical. Before the real setup begins, take into consideration a couple of constructional elements of your residence. Should you face any difficulties with the installation, hire a handyman instead.

Handyman Tips: Installing a Ceiling Fan

First off, have your home electrical wiring checked out by an electrical expert. You need to see to it that appropriate electrical wiring for ceiling fan installation is readily available in your home. Additionally, bear in mind that some ceilings could have to be supported to sustain the extra weight of a ceiling this is why, according to a handyman, a ceiling bracing needs to be placed during construction and home repairs.

Take note of the location where you intend to hang the fan. Hanging it from the center of the ceiling ensures ideal air circulation. Avoid installing a ceiling fan directly above the bed. The two aspects of installing a ceiling fan: setting it up and mounting it.

Setting up

  • The setting up treatment differs from various brand names. In order to construct the different components of a ceiling fan, you need to follow the guidebook attached.
  • If the follower blades are much less compared to 10″ -12″ far from the ceiling, there is no damage in setting up the blades prior to hanging the follower.

Mounting it

  • Attach the installing brace to the electric box securely with the screws.
  • During the electrical wiring, utilize the “working hook” that came with the installing brace to hang the ceiling fan on.
  • Match the cables by complying with the common shade coding system (white to white, black or blue to black or blue and more). Each wire needs to be covered with a safely screwed-on cord nut.
  • Pushback all additional electrical wiring right into the electric box.
  • The ceiling fan must be electrically based to the steel box with the bare copper or green grounding Attach the ground cables from the box, the ceiling fan as well as the power supply along with a cord nut, or a pigtail like cord which you need to connect to the box with a screw.
  • Slip back the ceiling cover to its complete height tightly and ensure that it is secure from its location.
  • If you have a beamed ceiling you need to make use of another special beam just for a ceiling fan installation.

Make sure there no noise will come from a newly installed ceiling fan as this is the result of improper installation. If you are not sure about this installation, you can always contact a reliable Conway handyman.

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