Handyman Turns Basement Into Playroom

by | May 25, 2021 | handyman

handymanSo you’ve been meaning to give your home a makeover. How far have you gone with your plan? While most of us have a plan of remodeling our homes, more often than not, the idea is just brushed aside. This summer, why not turn that idea into a reality. You can start by turning your basement into a playroom for your kids or your personal sanctuary. Of course, you won’t be able to do it on your own. You will need the help of a contractor or a handyman to pull off the entire project. Regardless of who you hire, a helping hand will be necessary. The reason why most home remodeling project ideas remain as they are is the lack of planning and help.

If you do choose to turn your basement into a playroom for your kids, there’s a totally different avenue of considerations you need to make. Unlike turning it into your personal space, a children’s playroom is entirely different. Kids don’t behave the same way adults do. That’s why you should be extra mindful when you decide to transform your humble basement into a happy environment for your kids.

Considerations to make when doing a basement makeover

Overall safety

Kids, being the bundles of energy that they are, need to be placed in a secure area. When you remodel your basement, be sure to let your handyman Conway, SC know what you’re up to. This way, your handyman can pull out all the stops, adding every bit of safety measures just so your kids won’t get hurt. Any electrical outlets must be plugged in or upgraded to GFCIs. Corners must also be cushioned to safeguard against cuts and bruises.

Cushion the floor

Unlike any other kind of home improvement project, turning your basement into a playroom is quite different. You need to have the floor completely cushioned. This is one way of making sure that when your kids fall down, they won’t be hitting their head onto something hard. Thick foam mats are cheap and durable and has a lot of giving to them. They are perfect for cushioning floors.

Free up space

Another thing that kids need is space and a lot of it. As you remodel, be sure that you provide as much space as possible. Kids love to run around and they will need space for that. And be sure to pick all the right furniture.

Secure and cushioned furnishings

All of your furnishings in the playroom must have adequate cushioning. This is to ensure that your kids won’t be injured the first few minutes they play. Lastly, get the help that you need. Handyman Conway is just one call away. Many homeowners plan on making home renovations but simply failed to value the help that a handyman could offer. This summer, turn your basement into something more meaningful for your kids and do it all with a handyman by your side.

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