Home ImprovementWhen it comes to making improvements to their home, many homeowners hire a professional handyman.  However, there are many homeowners who prefer to tackle home improvement themselves. Some of the local home improvement stores offer tools and workshops that can help you learn what you need to know.  You can tackle each project individually or take them on all at one time.  You may be able to hire a consultant or general contractor to oversee your projects or do some of the larger tasks for you. When you hire a contractor they can help you manage resources and when needed, bring in specialists such as electricians or plumbers. You will need to make arrangements to dispose of debris if you are undertaking a large renovation project. Contact a local disposal company for suggestions.

Types of Conway Home Improvements

Many home improvements fall under the category of “handyman” jobs. This could include removing wallpaper and painting or installing wood paneling. You may have doors that need to be replaced or siding that needs to be power washed. However, other projects are much larger such as installing new flooring. This could include carpet, tile or even hardwood flooring.  Because the materials are very expensive, you may be wise to hire a professional rather than attempt this project yourself.

Major renovations to your kitchen or bath would include installing new cabinets, adding shelving, replacing sinks and other fixtures which would require knowledge of plumbing and possibly an electrician.

Roof repairs would also be considered home improvement. Replacing shingles is usually a project that a savvy homeowner can accomplish themselves.  However, if during the inspection of the roof you determine that you need a roof replacement, call a roofing contractor.

Updating your heating and air conditioning system is another area of home improvement. In Southern states this may require an upgrade to your heat pump and/or installation of new air ducts.

If you live in an older home, you may have several rooms that are divided up throughout your home. Today’s homeowner likes the open concept look in a home.  If you are considering selling your home your many need to move some walls and open up the space to make the house attractive to buyers. Some walls are considered retaining walls and removing them will cause a major problem with the stability of the home. This is a good example of when you need to consult with a professional.

Adding solar panels and replacing windows and doors will not only improvement the appearance of your home but will help save on utilities all year long.  Here in the south, you can add window solar film which will keep your home cool in the summer.

Anything that improves your home or adds to the space and beauty of your home is considered a home improvement and will add to the resale value of your home.  Whether you decided to do projects yourself or hire an expert will depend on your skill level and the extent of the project. Conway Home Services provides professionals to assist local residents from general contractors to handyman to specialists in HVAC, plumbing and electricians.

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