Handyman’s Home Maintenance Tips

by | Oct 19, 2021 | Home repair

Everybody has become an expert online in the past few years with the onset of Youtube. They aren’t hacking into computers, but they depend on something much more important. They want you to try to clean your antique sterling with a product that you already use every day, such as toothpaste. The product is not suitable for antique silverware.

People are still interested in DIY hacks to maintain their homes. We asked a handyman for some DIY tips to help with home maintenance.

Handyman’s DIY Tips

  • To remove limescale, cover your showerhead with vinegar-soaked fabric overnight.

This method is absolutely effective. When you wake up the next day, your shower head will be clean and free of limescale. You will also be saying goodbye to using harsh chemicals and rubbing your shower head to remove limescale buildup.

  • A toilet tissue tube can be used as a vacuum cleaner attachment.

Want to clean those nooks and crevices that your vacuum cleaner attachment can’t reach? As an attachment, place a cardboard tissue tube on top of the entire nozzle.

A squeegee can be used to grab animal hair from the floor.

The squeegee blade is quick and easy to remove hair from cats and dogs. It works well for removing hair from the couch.

Use a packet with colored juice to check for a leaky toilet. Allow the dark-colored juice to dissolve for at least 30 minutes. If your toilet is the same color as the powdered colored juice, you will know that you have a leak.

  • Use painter’s tape to create a perfect edge caulk.

A painter’s tape is all you need to create a straight line for caulking. Use the tape to draw a straight line along the area where you’ll be applying caulk. This serves as your guide. You must remove the tape before the caulk dries. Otherwise, you risk peeling the caulk.

  • Unscrew broken light bulbs using potatoes

Do not panic if you find a broken bulb still attached to the socket. It can be removed with a potato. Simply cut off the potato and push the soft side into the bulb. Turn it clockwise. Also, make sure you use protective gear and switch off the main switch before performing this hack.

You can complete many home maintenance tasks yourself, but you’ll still need to hire a professional handyman for more difficult jobs.

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