Home Maintenance Tips You Need To Know

by | Feb 24, 2023 | Home repair

home maintenanceYour home should be an oasis of beauty and comfort, but keeping it in prime condition can seem overwhelming. With work commitments squeezing your spare time to the brink, you may feel like there’s no way to do all those necessary home maintenance tasks every year! But don’t despair – many handyman services are available for assistance with completing these projects quickly and efficiently so that you have more free time doing what matters most: enjoying your beautiful home.

Home Maintenance Tasks You Need To Do

Maintaining and updating a home is no small feat, yet it’s essential to ensure the wellbeing of your investment. With work obligations and daily commitments managing this responsibility can feel overwhelming at times – especially when tasks need completing on a monthly or even yearly basis! To help stay organized and make sure nothing gets neglected why not compile an all-inclusive list with specific maintenance needs dependent upon their frequency? Whether you’re putting away seasonal décor quarterly or changing air filters once each year having everything noted in one place will save time so more energy can be dedicated towards enjoying life.

Home Maintenance Every Month

Ensure your home’s climate is comfortable and safe by examining the HVAC filter, inspecting for plumbing leaks in wet areas of your house such as bathrooms or kitchens, ensuring strong air flow from kitchen fans through their filters, thoroughly checking water softeners to keep them running efficiently with salt replacement if needed. Finally stay proactive against potential electrical hazards by scrutinizing cords like power strips and surge protectors for any signs of damage that could lead to smoke or heat production.

Seasonal Home Maintenance: Winter

Keep your home warm and secure by checking windows, adding caulking to doors, covering outdoor AC units, turning off exterior water valves before winter hits, testing sump pumps for effective drainage of excess moisture during the wet season and inspecting lighting fixtures outdoors.

Spring Home Maintenance

To keep your home in top condition, use binoculars to assess the state of your rooftop. Examine driveways and pathways for any cracks that require patching before pressure washing the external walls. Scrub down wooden decks with a protective treatment while checking railings for stability and siding or trim boards for looseness. Don’t forget about essential house maintenance tasks such as draining sediment from hot water tanks, switching up ceiling fan direction to circulate cool air indoors, cleaning window AC units’ weep holes and dryer vents too!

Summer Home Maintenance

To protect your home from potential damage, ensure the exterior of your house is in top condition. Look for any chipped or peeling paint and check all wooden boards on decks and steps to detect possible rotting or decay. Be sure small holes are plugged so unwelcome pests don’t find a way inside! Additionally, make sure outdoor faucets aren’t leaking water anywhere and inspect play equipment around the yard to verify it’s safe. Lastly, examine your fence as you may need to repaint or repair it soon!

Fall Home Maintenance

Stay ahead of winter with a few proactive maintenance tasks! Check your weather stripping for wear and tear, and replace if necessary. To keep from dealing with frozen pipes later on in the season, take time to winterize your sprinkler system and other plumbing fixtures before temperatures drop too much. Additionally, inspect the damper in any fireplaces you have; make sure it’s clear of birds’ nests or insects that might seek shelter there when chillier days arrive. Don’t forget about closing off crawl space vents either – this’ll help conserve energy during cold snaps as well as maintain ideal humidity levels inside throughout fall/winter months. Switching up some fans so they run clockwise can also be beneficial come colder seasons – doing this will cause warm air to circulate around better indoors instead of just sitting by ceiling height where temps can get chilly quickly after sundowns now & then anyway (plus little extra bit o’ heat comes at no cost!). Finally don’t overlook inspecting gas fireplace units: look out for signs leaking fuel or damage – unless experienced yourself consider scheduling an inspection appointment prior to use since safety is priority number one here! And hey while tight spaces tend not to go noticed every day – do remember dryer vent need tending once in a awhile otherwise risk lint buildup… definitely something you want to  avoid!!

Bi-Annual Schedule

Stay safe this season by making sure your home is fully prepared for the coming months. Start off with a thorough gutter cleaning, and proceed to HVAC inspection and maintenance of both the heating system and AC unit. Finally, top it all off by testing your smoke & carbon monoxide detectors – safety first!

Annual Schedule

Ensure your home keeps running in peak condition with a chimney inspection. Additionally, safeguard against possible defects by examining vents, drains and gutters for any issues; clean the dryer vent and refrigerator coils to optimize efficiency; lubricate garage door springs for effortless usage; touch up interior paint to enhance beauty within the abode –and don’t forget about plumbing fixtures – make sure all fastenings are secure! Also, check doors or cabinet doors that may have become loose over time.

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