DIY Home Repairs: What To Do With Bathtub or Shower Leaks

Handyman ConwayA leaky tub or shower can definitely put a damper on your day. It can be tough to figure out where a leak is coming from, how much water you are losing and the cleanup is a pain. Trying to repair an active leak feels near impossible, so what do you do if you have a bathtub or shower leak?

A bathtub or shower leak can be something so small that it can go unnoticed for years or until someone stumbles on some water damage or the leak gets worse. Other leaks have you dreaming about that annoying “drip, drip, drip” coming out of the bathroom at all hours.

In some situations, like a really bad leak that is gushing water over your whole bathroom down into the living room below, a plumbing professional might be necessary. For relatively small leaks, however, you can take care of the problem fairly easily or call a handyman.

Fixing a leak on your own might seem like a monumental task. Not to worry, with a little time and persistence, you can find and repair that leak in no time. Here are the steps to follow to take care of a tub or shower leak.

DIY Home Repair Guide

Locate The Leak

Depending on the size of the leak, it might be difficult to pinpoint the source of the leak right away. Water always follows the path of least resistance, so wherever you find the water might not be where the leak is actually happening. Some common culprits for leaks are:

  • The showerhead pipe where it connects to the wall.
  • Valves and plumbing connections in the wall.
  • Drainpipe could be cracked or have a loose valve.

Inspect every part of the tub or shower in detail, and then move to the pipes that you can see. If the leak doesn’t seem to be there, you might need to get behind the wall and check the pipes and valves.

Once you locate the leak, you want to make sure that you have found what you are looking for. Continue to search for any secondary leaks. For very small leaks, it is good practice to actually leave the leak and search again the next day to be sure you have found everything.

Repairing The Leak

According to a handyman, the size, location, and severity of the leak will largely impact your repair options. Some leaks are caused by loosened valves and such and just need a little tightening to fix them right up. Sometimes leaks can be repaired with quick and easy fixes like caulking or plumbers tape. Other leaks might require more invasive measures, such as replacing pipes, valves, or fixtures.

If you have any reservations about repairing a leak or think there is a possibility you could make things worse, there is no shame in calling a plumber. A professional handyman will not only know exactly how to fix your problem, but they will also be able to complete a very thorough inspection to make sure that all of the leaks have been located and properly repaired.

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