Home Repairs Checklist: Keeping Your House In Top Shape

home repairsOwning a home comes with a bunch of responsibilities. Whether you’re a new homeowner or already going through the second decade into your mortgage, home repairs will be inevitable. Nothing lasts forever as they say and that includes your home too. However, you don’t have to stress out on it too much. Home repairs and maintenance don’t necessarily need to be done at once. Also, some repairs and maintenance tasks don’t require you to shell out cash or have any relative experience whatsoever. Here are some of the most common home repairs and maintenance that you will be encountering.

Breaking down home repairs by season


When you take everything into account, spring is the most important month for home maintenance. Why? They don’t call it “spring cleaning” for nothing. Spring is generally the phase where everything needs to be prepared for the next few seasons. Here are some of the common maintenance routines done in spring:

  1. Checking the drainage – it is rather important to check the drainage in spring. If you live in areas with heavy snowfall, you should be more vigilant in checking that the drainage is free from any blockages.
  2. Cleaning the gutters – while not everyone likes doing this chore, it must be done. Gutter cleaning is essential in making sure that the roof is not damaged.
  3. Exterior home inspection – the different seasons can give your house a beating. It’s best to start the checks from the outside in. That way, everything will be easily managed.
  4. General HVAC cleaning – your home’s air conditioning and heating will use some cleaning after fall and winter. Spring is the perfect time to make sure everything is in check.


Summer will give you a lot of time to work on different areas of your property. Don’t be worried if it’s scorching hot since you can do some maintenance indoors. Here’s the summer maintenance checklist:

  1. Checking the bathroom and kitchen – you probably don’t know it but it’s likely that you spend a lot more time in the bathroom and kitchen than you would in your living room. With that said, it is necessary to keep your kitchen and bathroom in good condition. Also, bathroom and kitchen repairs are among the most common home repairs in Conway.
  2. Garage cleaning – for all the men out there, summer is the perfect time to clean out that garage. With little to no rainfall, it’s the perfect time to tidy up the garage.


As the weather starts to grow colder during fall, it’s also the perfect time to make some minor and major changes before winter comes.

  1. Flushing the water heater – there will be some sediment buildup in the water heater tank. It’s in fall when it needs to be checked and cleaned. Before winter comes, any sediment must be removed from the tank to make it operate optimally in the winter.
  2. General cleaning and maintenance – there will be a lot of things that need to be done during fall. It’s best to contact your local handyman if you can’t do everything on your own.


During this period, repairs made are mostly indoors. There isn’t much to do outside and it’s likely not possible. Here is the maintenance that can be done indoors:

  1. Electrical maintenance – checking all electrical connections is necessary to ensure you are not running into problems in the middle of winter.
  2. Check caulking – to ensure that everything is properly insulated, caulking must be checked and repaired when necessary.

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