Tips For Saving Cash On Handyman Services

by | Jan 15, 2021 | handyman

handymanAlthough we could not do a lot of handyman jobs ourselves, we may still do simple tasks that conserve time and money while waiting for the professional to arrive. Provided below are some tips for you who want to also seek out the help of a handyman without having to break the bank.


A handyman can provide you valuable services at a lower cost

Typically if you have a lot of little tasks, the handyman will bill by the hour. If the job is modest like a remodel, he will require a flat fee. For the little jobs like hanging a ceiling fan, adding an electrical outlet, and other similar tasks, there is no need for complicated prep work and that is fine since the handyman will only need a few hours to get the job done. Painting the interior and exterior walls like a foyer will require prep work before the Conway handyman arrives.

Ask the handyman Conway how he will bill you

Let him know that you are aware that he has to rent out scaffolding, acquire paint and charge an affordable hourly wage for himself and for his team if needed. Ask him, “If I tape around the walls, doors, as well as ceilings, and wherever tape is required, move furniture, apply the initial coat, cover the vents, and move the furniture to another room if needed, how much will you charge me? If you do some of the basic tasks, you might be able to reduce the initial price of $600 to $450. Now, that’s what we call savings, right? You will not only be saving cash but you will also be making the job a lot less complicated for the handyman. He’ll be able to complete the task quickly and move on to his other clients.

Do you need a new kitchen floor installed? If yes, find out if you can take on the job of removing and disposing of the old kitchen floor. In most cases, a handyman will charge you less if you do these tasks. Just be sure you know how to do this correctly. Keep in mind that fixing damages can end up costing more.

Another good way of saving cash is to have your handyman address basic home repairs. For example, food disposal is much harder to install than remove. If you can, remove it yourself before the handyman arrives for the installation. You can also afford professional handyman services for basic issues like handing a new light.

Keep in mind that you can make good use of such kinds of professional services as long as you also do some work yourself. These things can range between disposing of the old and defective items and doing prep work before the handyman arrives. But before anything else, be sure to hire a reputable and trustworthy handyman like Handyman Conway. You should go for one who offers high-quality services at prices that are easy on the budget.

If you need help with simple or complex home repairs, maintenance, or renovation, call Handyman Conway now. You may reach us at (843) 353-6154.

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