Your Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

by | May 12, 2022 | handyman

home maintenanceSpring is the perfect time to get outside and tackle larger home projects, as the days are getting longer and the weather is warming up. You can now assess the damage, make repairs and prepare your garden for the summer, once winter storms have passed. An expert gave us helpful home maintenance tips, including how to properly water your garden and avoid termites and mosquitoes.

Home Maintenance Tips

Clean Downspouts and Gutters

It’s essential to clean and repair your downspouts and gutters following the last frost. Clogged downspouts and gutters can lead to wood trim at the roof rotting, which can invite pests into your attic. Spring rains can be prevented by having your downspouts and gutters cleaned in the early season.

Refinish Exterior Woodwork

Staining or sealing outdoor wood structures, such as pergolas, decks and fences, railings and trellises, will ensure that they last longer and remain in better condition. This is a great opportunity to repair any woodwork.

Look out for signs of termites

These winged insects are everywhere, starting from March through June. Termites are a common spring pest. Termites are likely to be found in large numbers when there are a lot of winged insects emerging from a hole in the woodwork. Get in touch with a professional pest control company. It will save you time and money in the long term.

Examine the Roof

Winter storms can cause damage to your roof. Start by taking a quick look at your roof when spring arrives. You don’t need a ladder and you certainly won’t have to climb on top of your roof to inspect it.

If you have to, use binoculars, a smartphone or a camera with a telephoto function. You should look for missing shingles or damaged metal pipes, as well as anything else that doesn’t seem right. Call a roofing professional if you find anything that requires closer inspection or repair.

Paint the exterior

Spring is the best time of year to paint your exterior. Are you looking for a paint color but are having trouble choosing the right one? Take photos of the houses in your area, take pictures and then consult a color consultant or browse photos to find the right hue. A handyman service can help you with this.

Check out Driveways and Paths

Concrete, asphalt, and other hardscaping materials can be damaged by freezing and thawing. You can take a look around your property and identify any damage to driveways, walkways, or paths. Schedule a home remodel or repairs if necessary. Asphalt can be repaired, but it is possible to replace damaged concrete.

  • Make sure to check sprinkler and irrigation systems.
  • You can save water by checking your irrigation systems and sprinklers during the spring season.
  • You can manually run the system through each zone and then check the property.
  • You must ensure that the heads are not damaged or broken.
  • Spraying the house with any head, particularly windows, can cause moisture problems.
  • To avoid water wasting, adjust spray heads for street, sidewalk and porch sprayers.

Call a local handyman if you are unsure how to maintain your sprinkler system. You will save money on your water bills and help protect one of the most precious natural resources in our country.

Prevent Mosquitoes

Eliminating any standing water is the best way to stop mosquitoes from your home. Take a walk around the property. You can fix any water-damaged items or areas on your property.

Screen Doors and Windows

Screens are meant to allow the breeze in and keep bugs out. However, they cannot do their job well if they have holes or tears. Make sure you inspect each screen before installing them for the warmer months. Screen repair kits can be found at most hardware and home improvement shop or call the Conway Handyman.

Schedule Air-conditioning Service

You can get the best out of your cooling system by changing the filters at least once per season. Also, it is a good idea to hire a professional to service it before summer starts.

Call Handyman Conway now if you need professional help in maintaining your home.

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