8 Types of Handyman Services That You Should Know

by | Jun 23, 2022 | handyman

HandymanThere are many types of handyman services and specializations. Even though they may advertise general handyman services, not all professional handymen offer the same services.

Different types of Handyman Services

#1) Drywall Installation

Professional handyman services might specialize in installing new drywall after a home renovation or water damage restoration job.

Handyman services are often equipped with the tools needed to measure, cut and install drywall boards in homes.

#2) Fixture replacement

Fixtures in homes like kitchen faucets and cabinets, as well as lighting systems and lighting systems can wear down or become damaged over time. Many fixtures can be easily replaced by amateur DIY enthusiasts, but there are some homeowners who prefer to have a professional handle them. Many fixture replacement jobs do not require a license and can be performed by any handyman in Conway SC.

#3) Smart Home Upgrade Installation

This handyman service allows a professional to come out and install any number of smart home devices, including doorbells, sensors, and thermostats. You should verify with your handyman that they are qualified to install your product. There are many brands and models. Some may need specialist knowledge about electrical systems.

#4) Painting Interior and Exterior

Painting interior and exterior walls are one of the most requested handyman services. Painting a house can be tedious, especially if it is already occupied. Painting services are used by many homeowners and property managers to improve the curb appeal of their homes before they sell them. This can often result in a higher return on your investment as the house is sold faster or for more money.

Handyman services are often available to help with home repairs. They have the right tools, such as drop cloths and tape, paint rollers, drop cloths, tape, furniture covers and ladders. Because they are so popular, some handyman services specialize in painting services.

#5: Power washing

Sidewalks and driveways can get covered in dirt and debris, which can cause severe discoloration. To keep your home’s exterior looking great, power washing is a good option.

However, not all handyman services have the equipment necessary to power wash. Power washing can be costly and time-consuming, so professional handyman services may not have the right equipment.

#6) Tile Installation

A general handyman service can often do tile installation on a subfloor. Although tile installation sounds easy: lay down adhesive, smooth it, and then put a tile on top. However, there are many more steps involved in installing tiles.

Handymen who install tiles need to measure the space to ensure that the tiles are cut to the right dimensions. To avoid wasting space and crooked layouts, they must lay the tiles accurately. Non-vitreous tiles (water absorbent) will need to be sealed to keep moisture from seeping into them. These issues can be handled by flooring professionals or handymen who are skilled in the field.

#7) Window Repair

Window repairs can be done by many handyman services for a small fee. This includes cleaning up broken glass, and fixing/replacing both the frame and the window.

It may be necessary for windows to be sized differently in your home.

#8 Small Appliance Repair

Many homeowners prefer to fix an appliance that is broken than replace it with a brand new one. Small appliance repair is a popular service. The handyman can often fix an appliance’s problem for a fraction the cost of purchasing a new one. They can usually provide an estimate, if necessary if repair costs are prohibitive in comparison to replacing the appliance.

It is a simple fact that “handyman” can refer to a variety of professional services. It is important to check with each local handyman service to confirm their qualifications and experience. This handyman services list is not complete.

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