Varnish – Uses And Variations

Conway handymanIf you’ve ever worked with finishing wood before, you’re probably no stranger when it comes to applying varnish. For those who don’t know, varnish is a resin-based finishing product that helps preserve the surfaces of wood and other materials. There are different types of varnishes out in the market but all follow the same concept. It’s useful to know how to apply varnish to ensure a good finish. However, if you’re not keen on weekend woodworking projects, just call your local Conway handyman to do it for you.

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Before we proceed any further, let’s take a look into the ingredients that make the varnish that we know. In general, the varnish is made up of three components. These ingredients include drying oils, resin, and solvent. The drying oils are responsible for drying out the varnish once it is spread across a surface. It also ensures better adhesion on surfaces applied to. The resin could either be pine resin, amber, kauri gum, and or balsam. The resin is the main ingredient in the varnish which provides the shine and protective layer on the wood. The solvents are just there to dilute the mixture of resin and drying oils which makes it easier to spread the varnish. Applying varnish is rather easy. However, if you want to get things done right, you might want to hire handyman services to ensure that your varnish is properly applied.

Two types of varnish

Lacquer – solvent-based varnish typically uses either lacquer or polyurethane as the base material. This type of varnish is best applied through the use of a spray gun. Since polyurethane and lacquer dry up quickly, spraying makes a lot more sense than brushing.

Acrylic – acrylic-based varnish if basically varnish that uses water like the base material. It is a lot better than solvent-based varnish in terms of odor. Unlike solvent-based varnish, acrylic does not have the same odor and is much better for your nose.

How to apply varnish on wood

As indicated earlier, applying varnish is relatively easy. However, it can be tricky and messy for beginners. The application takes three steps. The first steps in the preparation. This is where the wood is sanded down to a smooth surface and is then cleaned of any dust or debris. The workspace must also be cleaned and dust should be removed entirely, else the varnish application will not go so well.

The next step in the process is applying the varnish. This may be done through spraying or brushing. All the surfaces of the wood must be varnished evenly. Do note that the application must be done in layers. Don’t do a thick layer all at once. Start with thin layers and letting the first layer dry up completely before applying another one.

Sanding is the third step. After the first few coats have dried, the surface of the wood must be sanded down to remove any burrs or inconsistencies. After the sanding has been completed, another layer of varnish is applied as a final coating or depending on how thick you want the varnish to be. If all of this sounds too complicated, it’s best to just call a handyman and have him do the job.

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